Meals & Activities

Coralview menus offer an array of flavorful dishes that are sure to satisfy any appetite. All meals are served in a communal dining area and is a great place for guest to commune and unwind. Private dining can be arranged on request.
Compulsory Meal Package can be payable in advance when booking online or payable upon check-in.
Adult Meal Plan $89.00 per person per night Child Meal Plan $44.50 per person per night (Applicable for child 3-10 years old. 1- 2 year(s) old FOC)
Served over buffet & À la carte meals Includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner
 Pizza is also available
  We also cater for all special dietary needs such as gluten Free, vegetarian, vegan meals, etc
 Lunch on day of Departure is optional - FJD$25.00 per person

Coffee Shop - Assorted coffees, lattes, espressos, cappuccino, hot chocolates, smoothies, shakes, ice cream, cakes & cheese cake while assorted pastry, cookies, muffins and doughnuts show up on our morning specials.

Guests at Coralview Island Resort will find a host of exciting activities to choose from and there will always be something to do during your stay. Listed below are some of the many activities that are on offer:
Dives Day Trips Knee Boarding Kayaking
Jet Skis Massages Game Fishing Kava Ceremony
  Wake Boarding Pacific Dance Lessons Snorkeling Safaris  
Snorkel with sharks - Tuesdays & Thursdays only 
Cave Trips - Mondays , Wednesdays, Fridays and occasional Saturdays and many more..

Water taxi service / island hop around Nacula region only: FJD$21.00 per person.

Please refer to the extras section on our booking page for a full list of activities that are available 

  • Game Fishing
  • Water Sports
  • Handicrafts
  • Dinner & Cultural Show
  • Shark Diving
  • Cave Trips


Experience fishing in the Yasawas like no other. 

We offer Hand line Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing Charters & Spear Fishing as some of the choices for you to choose from. As prices may differ depending on your choice, we promise absolute fun & thrill on which ever option you may take up. Fishing in Fiji Waters simply defines relaxation whilst enjoying the beautiful scenic views of nearby islands & the pacific ocean. What a way to end of your day with a big catch beside your name.


The popularity of water sports in Fiji continues to grow with new activities popping up all the time. Coralview Island Resort is proud to be mentioned in the same sentence with water sports as we thrive for that environment; an environment full of fun, excitement & thrill. As we Fijians are known for our hospitality throughout the world, we are also known for our sense of adrenalin rush!

Add Coralview fun to your holiday and choose from a variety of activities to fulfill your every excitement. Listed below are the activities on offer:

* Knee Boarding                                                       * Fish Trolling

* Wake Boarding                                                      * Suntan Beach      

* Jet Ski                                                                      * Kayaking

* Snorkeling                                                               * Game Fishing


Ever wanted to know how baskets are weaved the traditional fijian way??

Coralview Island Resort brings those activities to you, demonstrating how it is all done. These range from coconut demos to basket weaving and also sulu (sarong) demos. As these activities take awhile to get used to, we work on Coralview time and in saying that we will demonstrate the activity as many times as possible till you get it right. Even get a chance to make your very own coconut jewellery souvenir !


Relax after a long day of traveling and unwind with fellow guests to a traditional earth oven ceremony similar to the "hangi" of New Zealand. This is the traditional form of cooking whereby food is cooked over stones and is also an efficient way of cooking large quantities of food at the same time.  Unearthing the lovo is done with great celebration and the succulent morsels which emerge are unwrapped and placed on large banana leaves to cool before the feasting begins.

A south pacific dance fiesta follows the dinner with various dances to look forward to from all over the pacific including here in the beautiful Fiji Islands. Catch the amazingly talented dances perform fire & also knife dancers that will surely leave a jaw dropper experience in all of you.

* For Bookings Call (679) 998-4354 *


Coralview Island Resort and Dive Yasawa Lagoon have been operating The Shark Dive Experience at Cathedral Reef for five years whilst working in conjunction with the local community in promoting shark awareness and conservation. 

Coralview Island Resort and Dive Yasawa Lagoon have directly benefited the local primary school, Ratu Meli Memorial School by donating $10 per shark diver for the past 4 years and have now increased the donation to $20. This donation is used by the school for educational materials and repairs. We will however, continue to support shark awareness and conservation through tourism and engaging with the local community. 

Featuring up to 8 different species of sharks:

   Grey Reef Sharks II Bull Sharks II Tiger Sharks II Back Tips II White Tips II Tawny Nurse II Leopards II Hammerheads 


These caves has a rich history and date back a few good years lying off the north coast of Nacula, the island of Sawa-i-Lau lies in a pretty bay hugging the south point of Yasawa Island and is home to some partially flooded limestone caves.

The passage to the south of the island is probably the windiest place in Fiji with gusts ripping and churning the seas - backpackers usually get drenched and somewhat shaken getting here. Nevertheless, it is touted as the best sightseeing trip in the Yasawas. 

Locals believe the ten-headed god, Uluitini resides deep inside the caves and folklore warns that any pregnant woman however slight will be unable to fit through the entrance. You have to try it out to experience this thrill and awesome caves.

This is an experience not to be missed !